Rainbow Ridge signs are designed for use in either

interior or exterior railroads.  We will customize

them for you. You are always welcome to call

or email to discuss your ideas and special needs.


   4/05/2016                                                                                                                                            Back to Home Page             


Acrylic Custom Signs


As an alternative to our Precision Board signs, we now offer UV stable acrylic

signs, with or without Precision Board frames.  Our customers do appreciate not

having to paint all those Precision Board letters!  Plus, you have more font options

and special designs can be added to the acrylic signs.  The unfinished Precision

Board signs and the acrylic signs with unfinished Precision Board frames

are the same price.  The stand alone acrylic signs are less expensive.







Precision Board or Combo Signs


Set-up per sign:                 $ 5.00

Per square inch:                  $  .50

Per character:                      $  .25


Minimum price per sign:   $10.00


Add $3 to prime either style, ready for paint.


Triple price of sign for painted all Precision Board sign.


Add $10 for painted Precision Board frame for combo sign.

Acrylic Signs


Set-up per color:        $3.00

Per square inch:           $.35

Per character:               $.25


Minimum price per sign: $5.00



Click here for available sign shapes for all signs.


Click here for available acrylic colors.