Rainbow Ridge models are typically 1:24 scale.

Many of our newer models are 1:20.3 and are so noted.

Several can be used as either one, such as the bandstand,

hangar, etc. Remember, we will build to your custom size,

charging only for any added material. You are always

welcome to call or email to discuss your ideas and

special needs. Each model is individually built for you!


All models are available either finished or unfinished.

Click on the photos for enlarged picture & more info.

   06/23/2016                                                                                                                                          Back to Home Page              
        Town Building Catalog        

Dot's Cafe

Engraved Glazing included

9"w x 11"d x 11.5"h


Unfinished  $359.00

Finished     $479.00

Clothing Store

Engraved Glazing & Glass Displays included

9"w x 11"d x 12"h


Unfinished  $379.00

Finished     $499.00

Ice Cream Parlor

Engraved Glazing included

10"w x 11"d x 10"h


Unfinished  $329.00

Finished      $459.00


Dot's Cafe Front

Unfinished  $150.00

Finished     $225.00

Clothing Store Front

Unfinished  $160.00

Finished   $250.00

Ice Cream Parlor Front

Unfinished  $145.00

Finished      $220.00