About Us

We became fascinated by and addicted to the amazing world of Garden Railroading about

thirteen years ago while vacation souvenir shopping, for the grandkids of course, in a seemingly

innocent toy store in Truckee, California.  An LGB poster occupying a dominant wall area captured

our interest, and has since consumed most of our spare time, money and imagination.  We have

been graced with wonderful acquaintances, friendships, experiences and the opportunity to

participate in and contribute to the rapidly expanding, worldwide interest in trains in the garden.

Over the years, our layout has grown and evolved to 1,000 square feet with over 250 miniature

trees and shrubs, including an apple orchard and vineyard; over 500 feet of track; springs,

streams and waterfalls; real stone bridges and portals; and scratchbuilt Precision Board buildings,

bridges, wells, stairs and structures.  We were very fortunate to have been featured in the German

publication "Gartenbahn Profi" in the spring of 2005.  We are frequent contributors to gardening articles

in the "Garden Railways" magazine and are active members in the San Diego Garden Railway Society.

Rainbow Ridge is all about sharing our experiences, discoveries and a little hard won know-how with you.

Precision Board is a long time product of aerospace and prototype industries, but is a relatively new

discovery for garden railroading.  It does not absorb moisture, will not rot, has a six year manufacturer's

warranty and is carvable to provide long lasting, exciting and realistic textures of brick, wood, shiplap or board

& bat siding, rock, and field or flagstone for your layout with the use of a standard Dremel-type tool or wire brush.

This year we are adding instructions to produce wood texture structures that are quick and simple to do.

Our original designs are kept simple with durability being our number one concern.  Due to the limited areas of

most garden railways, our G scale structures have relatively small footprints so they will not overpower

your scenes, plantings or illusions.  Our kits include the finest quality accessories available from the

companies that have long been catering to your special needs; Grandtline windows and doors, Garden Texture

shingles and wood trim.  We encourage you to add your own unique details.  We are pleased to announce

that we purchased the equipment from Big River Lines to fabricate G scale corrugated metal roofing.

We now offer this in either 26 ga or 30 ga. galvanized material that will not rust, or in tin that will

give you that old rusty look.   With the addition of a brake, shear and bender, we can also

provide custom sizes per order.  Copper sheet has been added to our product line as well.

We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions with the hope of learning from your expectations,

experiences and discoveries too!  We have done our best to provide easy to follow directions with pictures

of the various steps and methods that work best for us.  Please remember, there is no right or wrong way

to create with this great material!  The best part?  There will never be another structure exactly like

yours!  Take advantage of the sample pieces of material included in each kit for your experimentation.

We especially look forward to photos of your creations!! 

Ross & Sue Piper