The photos posted on these pages are of projects done by

our customers and friends.  All are made of Precision Board.

Some are kit projects, some are scratch built with our pattern

sheet material, others are hand-carved from plain sheet.

Please feel free to email or

phone 619-561-0643 with any comments or questions!


Click on photo for enlarged view. 


Pomona, CA
                                    Pomona Fairplex                                    
Pomona, CA
                                          Pomona Fairplex                                   
Pomona, CA
                                        Pomona Fairplex                                       
Pomona, CA
                                                  Tom Rey                                                          
San Diego, CA

Ian Galbraith

Bill Hewitt

Ken Jendryka

New Zealand Mansfield, MA Marshall, MI

Bill Poor                                    Bill Poor

Gerald Tulino

Columbus, IN                            Columbus, IN Tucson, AZ

Norm Ulmer

Steve Blacksom

Rick Bremer

Tucson, AZ Austin, TX Fullerton, CA
Sandy Rauperstrauch John & Lorrie Rockey Bill Schultz
Tempe, AZ Glen Ellyn, IL Henderson, NV
Alan Wright           Dick Dale                                         Dick Dale
Valencia, CA          El Cajon, CA                                    El Cajon, CA
    John Flippin                           John Flippin Gary Martin
   Redlands, CA                        Redlands, CA Tucson, AZ
Andeas Walchner Ed Acklin Laura Gifford
Beavercreek, OH Plano, TX York Town, NY

Bob Sheriff Bill Shepard Charlie Ruse
San Juan Capistrano, CA Cerritos, CA Riverside, CA

Bill Wilcox Richard Smith Calvert Ruth
Vancover, WA Port Orford, OR Reno, NV
Dennis Busby                                         Dennis Busby                                            Dennis Busby
Gold Canyon, Arizona                                Gold Canyon, Arizona                              Gold Canyon, Arizona
Russ Campbell Rich Hull / Dennis Busby Mike Wilkinson
Stockton, CA Sun Lake, AZ Loveland, CO
                                         Vic & Sue Thies                                         
Mission Viejo, CA
                                      John & Lorrie Rockey                                       
Glen Ellyn, IL
Clement & Lynda Roberts                        Brooks Wilson                                Brent Weis       
  Carlsbad, California                               Clovis, California                        Edmond, Oklahoma
Valerie Scott                                     Alan Mole                                                Ken Campbell
Garden Grove, California                        Duluth, Georgia                                       San Diego, California
The Gaylord Texan                                   Dennis Busby                                      Dennis Busby
      Gaylord, Texas                              Gold Canyon, Arizona                         Gold Canyon, Arizona
                 Dennis Busby                                                                     
                                Gold Canyon, Arizona                                                                       
             Steve Blackson                                            Steve Blackson for Phillip Prince
Austin, Texas                                                           Austin, Texas
Ted & Dona Kazmar                                             Ted & Dona Kazmar            
           San Diego, California                                              San Diego, California                        



We'd love to include photos of your Precision Board projects here in our gallery.  We

are offering a 5% discount on your next order, to our customers who share pictures

of their completed projects.  Please mention this offer when placing your order.


Please email photos in to: